On the fourth day of Christmas Science, my mommy made with me…Salt dough ornaments for our tree! Some of our favorite chemistry activities have involved the preservation of materials and preventing bacterial growth. The pH level of an environment (whether it’s acidic or basic) can have a huge impact on whether a home made decoration will last, or if it will wither away as a holiday buffet for the microbes all around. With this activity, we take a look at the chemistry of salt dough and make our own holiday ornaments!Read More →

A couple of weeks ago, Kat and I began our big geology project. We learned a lot about the geological history of Arizona and even took our lessons to the field! While examining the outcrops around us, we talked a lot about the layers of the Earth and plate tectonics. We talked about how layers of the crust may have been thrust upwards as plates moved into each other (uplift) and how some layers would sink under others as they moved lower to the mantle (subduction). However, as I was explaining these concepts to my daughter, I realized that she would have a much easierRead More →