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Press Coverage for Makeup Under the Microscope!

“Amy Oyler is a science educator and makeup enthusiast with a love for lipstick, a microscope, and an unbridled sense of curiosity. Recently, all of those passions came together for Amy in a totally fascinating way, when she decided to study her lipstick collection under her microscope…

Despite Amy’s existing love for both makeup and science, it was actually her 11-year-old daughter (likely a future STEM genius in the making) who came up with the idea of studying makeup under the microscope together. “My daughter and I have been a team of science explorers since she was about three years old,” says Amy. “When she started asking ‘why does this happen?’ or ‘why does this work?’ we started pursuing her questions with excitement and curiosity.”

-Teen Vogue

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“I share a lot of my scientific explorations with my 11-year-old daughter, Katie, and it was actually her idea to do this!” Oyler shares in an interview with Bustle. “I had just purchased a new microscope to replace my older lab scope, and she suggested we test it out by looking at some of my makeup under the lens. It turned out to be a brilliant suggestion, as we were both blown away by the beautiful array of colors, the bright crystal shapes, and the structure of the makeup we were seeing through the lens!”


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The Scientific Mom at Ignite Phoenix!

Ignite Phoenix Photo Credit: Devon Adams

Ignite Phoenix is an annual event, featuring 18 speakers who had 5 minutes to share their passions with the world. Giving TED-style talks, this event sells out within minutes, and is always an engaging, fascinating, and beautiful way to get to know interesting people in the community! We stepped on a stage in front of nearly 1,000 people as presenters talked about everything from race cars to a NASA launch, to life modeling and couch surfing. I got to share my story of curiosity, community, and beekeeping, as pictures of Kat were plastered on the big screen for the world to see!

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Featured in Make Magazine!

“As Kat has grown, Amy’s method has become one of collaborative discovery more than one-sided teaching. They reach out to scientists, professors, museums, and even hackers to learn about biology, chemistry, engineering, and physics.”

-Make Magazine

Make Magazine: A Profile On The Scientific Mom -Make Magazine

 “Amy Oyler, The Scientific Mom is at it again. This time she has a great hands-on project to present: a pinball machine you can make with household materials! Amy describes the process of brainstorming, planning and making the pinball machine with her daughter. It is a great example of working through the creative design process with your kids…”

-Make Magazine

Make Magazine: Building a Pinball Machine with The Scientific Mom

 Press Coverage for The Liquid Gold Project: Mothers Milk Under the Microscope

“Any mom who has accidentally knocked over a bottle of freshly pumped breast milk knows why they call it liquid gold. Now there’s solid proof of what nursing moms have known all along: breast milk actually is liquid gold. And there’s science to prove it.

Breastfeeding mom and blogger Amy Oyler, decided to put her breast milk under her American Optical laboratory microscope.The result?Pure, absolute, undeniable liquid gold.”

-Cafe Stir

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DIY Compost Bin Featured in Parts Select!

“What is your favorite activity that encourages children to use their hands and their brains?

Experimentation! In my house, we love science, and we love trying to figure things out. Whether we’re creating chemical reactions or building towns for her toy animals, asking questions and figuring out solutions is a big part of learning. Some of my favorite activities that use both of these skills include: constructing toy boats powered by various means and racing them over the water, making puppets, sets, and giving puppet shows to tell a story, or taking spare junk around the house and building robots out of them!”

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