Ridiculously Awesome Science Toys for Kids: Amazing Earth Puzzle Blocks!

Ridiculously Awesome Science Toys for Kids: Amazing Earth Puzzle Blocks!

With the holidays right around the corner, I’ve been on the lookout for great science toys and kits that my kids can play and learn with. Now that I have a baby in the house too, my eyes are shifting towards things that could be used now as well as in the years to come! During my perusing, I came across these wooden puzzle blocks and I immediately fell in love. Layers of the Earth, evolution and the fossil record, layers of the atmosphere and space, and volcanoes?! These are amazing!!! We needed to have these!

Tiffany Ard, the creator of The Amazing Earth Puzzle Blocks and Nerdy Baby Artwork, was gracious enough to send me a set of these blocks so I could review them. What we found inside was a geek’s dream of science awesomeness and whimsical play!

The first thing I was struck by when we got these, was just how fun the packaging was! Normally, I don’t go nuts over the packaging of something, but this was brilliant. The box was super cute and the window cutout caused immediate excitement with my kiddo for what was in store!

Once we got over the cute packaging, it was time to dig into the blocks and start playing! The Amazing Earth Puzzle Blocks has six different puzzles with gorgeous designs painted in the wood! When each puzzle is put together, the blocks will form an image of fossils and the layers of the earth, the layers of the ocean, the layers of the atmosphere, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, or river systems winding through the Earth!

Here, my daughter and I put together the “Volcanic Eruptions” puzzle. As we turned over each piece and put it in its place, we found ourselves having the most incredible discussions about what we were looking at! Geology, the rock cycle, land formations… all of these were suddenly brought to life as we examined our blocks!

Next up, we had to check out the Earth’s (Amazing) Fossil Record puzzle. Oh my goodness, dinosaurs and evolution in block form? I was SO excited! The vivid drawings of dinosaurs and mammals, outlining the evolution of life as we know it, was so cool! As we put our blocks together, it really looked like fossils spread out in the layers of the Earth!

There are so many variations of these puzzles to work with, it’s incredible! Every puzzle opens a new window into the sciences of the world. Each block offers a new learning opportunity! The diagrams are informative, the pictures are charming and fun, and each puzzle is peppered with cute pop culture references.

The great thing about these blocks, is that they’re perfect for the wide range of ages in my house! For the baby, she’ll have fun smacking them together and pointing out the different colors as she learns to identify them. We’ll also have a great time talking about different animals, fossils, clouds, and space!

For my older child, she’ll have a great time taking the pictures apart and trying to puzzle them back together again. She loves looking through the fossils and through the layers of the ocean, and is already looking up some of the oceanic zones so she can learn more about the animals who live there!

Some final thoughts on these puzzle blocks…

First, they are SERIOUSLY amazing. I am so in love with these! I mean, dinosaur blocks, volcano blocks, river systems, earthquakes, and space?! These are awesome! We’re going to have an awesome time taking these puzzles apart, putting them back together, and learning about these concepts as we have fun! The baby, the kid, and I can all learn something from these and have a great time playing with them!

These puzzles can be tricky though. I’m so glad they came with an answer key. I’m not sure that we would have been able to figure them out as easily without it! The answer key made troubleshooting our solutions much easier, and ended up making the matching up of the pieces a game unto itself. Also included on the answer key is a link to an online PDF which contains some extra explanations behind some of the concepts, which made some of the harder concepts easier to understand.

Once again Tiffany Ard knocks it out of the park with geeky toys that are fantastically fun and filled with science awesomeness! Like her Most Ridiculously Excellent Coloring Book of Science, these blocks are charming, playful, and filled with so much science we’ll get use out of them for years to come!


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