Giveaway: Heroic Cardboard Costumes with Crafteeo!

Building confidence and heroes, one cardboard step at a time!

Katie loves crafting, and she also loves costume making! After she made her own Wonder Woman costume, she has set herself a goal of making new costumes whenever the motivation strikes. Fortunately for her, she didn’t have to wait long as we were given an opportunity to check out these amazing warrior costume designs from Crafteeo!

 Crafteeo takes every kid’s favorite toy (the cardboard box!), and turns it into an epic heroic costume! There are elaborate warrior helmet designs, swords and daggers, and shields to complete any adventurer’s armory! They have options to buy an entire kit with perforated cardboard sheets, templates, LED light up kids, and instructions! Or you can buy the digital designs to print out and put on to your own cardboard to build your costumes with.

Incredibly, this company is a small, home-based company out of San Diego. It’s run by a dad who really loves building cardboard costumes with his son. Then he thought other kids might like to make these too, and started selling them from his home! Now they’re taking off at Maker Faires and ComiCons! I’m so glad, because the stuff they make is really fantastic, and the attention they’re getting is well deserved!

Crafteeo sent us a Northern Guardian Helmet kit so Katie could build her own part of an awesome warrior outfit. When we unboxed it, we found a ton of cardboard pieces, a nice illustrated backdrop, and a lovely thank you card!

Initially, I planned to work on this project with her. However, meeting the demands of a new baby presented our own set of challenges, and she decided to tackle the project herself. With four sheets of perforated cardboard to work through, and video instructions to follow along with, I was curious to see just how well my nine-year-old would fare on her own.

It turns out, she fared exceptionally well! I was able to help her with removing the pieces of cardboard from the big sheets we were sent. She was able to follow the instructions to bend, glue, and paint the pieces as she completed each phase of the build.

She even tackled the LEDs by herself! Proudly showing me how bright her lights were, she secured them to her helmet so she could finish the final pieces before painting it.

Overall, we LOVED this project. It is such a brilliant and fantastic way for kids to get involved in costume making! Whether it’s for ComiCon, Rennaisance Fairs, plays, dress-up, Halloween, or as an added bonus to learning world history, these are phenomenal ways for kids to get involved in their own costume making. There are so many learning opportunities to be had while putting these together!

These are so cool and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Crafteeo. I will be following them closely as Katie not only fulfills her wishes to get the sword and armor for her costumes, but to see what else they come up with! Rumor has it, they’ll be running a Kickstarter campaign soon to showcase their new armor prototypes to complete their helmet, sword and shield sets!


Now for some more fun news! Crafteeo and I are teaming up to host a giveaway of not only their Northern Guardian helmet, but also the matching longsword and shield! Your kids will get to make their own complete set of Guardian attire, with the cardboard cutouts, designs, and LED kits included! How awesome is that?!

 All you have to do is sign up for their mailing list, and leave a comment here once you’re finished! The winner will be chosen by random on Friday, June 26th. Make sure you check back here on Friday evening to see if you’ve won!

Good luck! And as always…



  1. I signed up, Any! Liam would love it 🙂 such a cool project!!

  2. If we leave extra comments, will it increase our chances of winning? 🙂 j/k – looking forward to the drawing tomorrow!!!!! Fingers and toes and all other available extremities are CROSSED!

  3. signed up for the email list. Hope we win. Katie did a great job!

  4. This looks excellent! We're trying to do more crafty things!

    Loved Wonder Woman too 🙂

  5. Ack! I can't believe I dropped the ball on leaving a comment here.

    We NEED. A. WIN! Come on, random drawing!!! The kids have epic battles to wage!

  6. wow, what a great idea! I'm always trying to get my son more interested in crafty stuff with mom, I bed he'd get into this. Their kits aren't even that expensive for a pretty neat looking helmet! How resilient would you say it is? Could it hold up to rough play?

    I signed up on their mailing list and would love to be entered to win a kit. Thanks!

  7. My 10 year old daughter will love this! What a great way to channel creativity and role playing. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Her hard work paid off! She did great! Proud of her for completing the project, while having so much fun with it…

  9. Awesome idea. Signed up for the mailing list and hope to win the giveaway. I have some kids here who would love it.

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