Dress Up Like The Stars With Baby Teith!

Dress Up Like The Stars With Baby Teith!

This giveaway has been CLOSED! Please check out the stellar space clothes of Baby Teith, and the launching of their kickstarter, featuring astronaut skirts and dragon scale clothes!

Review: My friend Tiffe Fermaint is an award winning runway fashion designer, and she makes the COOLEST clothes ever for kids! She and her husband Keith Walker started their company Baby Teith after their daughter was born, when she was trying to find awesome baby clothes, but was having trouble finding things that fit their tastes. So, Tiffe decided to start making them herself! And what are the tastes she couldn’t find clothing to fit for?


Tiffe’s company makes space and science fiction themed clothing for kids and they are awesome!!! She operates out of Phoenix, both sewing and printing her clothing line locally, and she even donates a percentage of her sales each month to the No Kid Hungry campaign!

So far, her designs have been mind blowing. One of my favorites can be found on her Etsy store; she has this incredible moon onesie, along with a matching infant hat and leggings, all with an actual print of the moon on them! With sizes going from infant all the way up to 6T, you could dress you baby, your toddler, AND your kids up like the moon!

Or, if shooting for the stars is more your style, she has headbands, leggings, and hats, with prints of nebulae on them! There are tons of amazing prints to choose from, and they’re all ethically made with environmentally friendly ink and organic cotton. Oh, and also, she has some of these styles available for adults too, so you and your kids could dress up in matching moon and stars clothes!!!

While her etsy store is filled with incredible designs (seriously, there are so many amazing things in there!), it’s what her kickstarter has to offer that got my attention! Showcasing their newest clothing line, their kickstarter aims to fund their ever increasing production. Incredibly, Tiffe has been making all of these clothes herself, and as their business has grown ever larger, they’re needing to look into manufacturing! Being able to source US manufacturers will allow them to produce more clothes at a faster pace, and allow them to grow their business in other ways too.

But what excites me the most about their kickstarter, are these amazing clothes! Like this incredible astronaut skirt and renaissance cape. I mean, this is just gorgeous! I would love to dress up my baby girl in a nebula onesie, astronaut skirt, moon hat, and a renaissance cape. This is just the cutest thing! Not to mention those adorable little dragon scale pants and star trek inspired shirt!

Photo by Joseph Maddon

These dragon inspired skirts and renaissance outfits are just adorable! It is absolutely incredible that Tiffe has not only thought of these gorgeous designs, but has been making them herself and turning these ideas into such a successful business! I’m so proud of her and her family, for taking an idea like this and bringing it into such stunning reality!

Photo by Joseph Maddon


So, to celebrate their successes and the launch of their kickstarter, I’m partnering up with Baby Teith and hosting a giveaway of these stunning moon leggings (Size 0-24 m or 2T – 6T) and a matching moon hat!

All you have to do is leave a comment with something you love about the universe, and you’re entered to win! You can either comment below, or on the post on our facebook page! The winner will be chosen at random on Friday, May 22nd, 2015. So go check out Baby Teith and their amazing science-themed gear, check out their kickstarter, and enter here to win these amazing moon leggings!




  1. Thank you so much for all of your amazing comments and musings about the universe! We numbered the blog comments 1-9 and the facebook comments 10-17. Using a random number generator at Random.org, we drew a winning number of 11, which fell to Meaghan Baldwin! Thank you so much for participating everyone. Happy Exploring!

  2. I love that everyone can look up and see a free show! I love that there are still planetariums around (we just went on a field trip to one in Sacramento), and I love my daughter's third grade class has spent the last 2 months studying our solar system.

  3. I am a full-time Astrophysics student at Arizona State University, so I like to think the universe and I are pretty close! Things I love about the universe include that fact that 96% of the matter it is composed of, we know nothing about (dark energy and dark matter), and that every natural element found on earth, including what life is composed of, are synthesized by the dying of stars. My niece and nephew are just getting to the ages where they are able to understand how amazing the universe is thanks to Aunt Tara, so I would love to win this for them! 🙂

  4. What I love about the universe is that everything in it is made up of the same 'building blocks' but there is so much variety!

  5. I love how crazy things are in space. Scientists are always finding out new things that blow my mind.

  6. I love how little we actually know about it. Oh and nebulas because they're beautiful!

  7. I love that there is always something more to explore and more questions to be answered! The universe has infinite possibilities 🙂

  8. I love that there's always something new to learn about the universe.

  9. I love how expansive the universe is…by the time light reaches us from so far away, we're witnessing something that has happened many years in the past. It's like time traveling!

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