Home School at the Arizona Science Center!

Kat and I LOVE the Arizona Science Center. We’ve been members for over three years, and for much of that time, we’ve been making weekly trips to what we affectionately call our second home. Their planetarium shows are wonderful, the exhibits are spectacular (check out their physics room and Forces of Nature!) and the staff is friendly, fun, and exceptional at bringing the excitement of science to kids of all ages! What makes the science center extra special for us, is that they offer incredible science classes and labs for homeschooling families here in the Phoenix area!

For the last seven years, Mary Campbell and the AZ Science Center have been providing the Phoenix homeschooling community with a unique opportunity to participate in some incredible science courses, going through the whole spectrum of scientific study, and exposing homeschooling parents and their kids to some pretty sophisticated science lessons.

We’ve been participating in the homeschool program for 3 years and have absolutely loved every class. We’ve demonstrated the processes of the rock cycle, observed life cycles by building habitats and hatching caterpillars, and we’ve even learned some advanced biology by participating in real dissections!

We’ve also participated in their annual science fair, during which we get to see just how creative and inventive kids can be as they present their projects, experiments, and ideas to the Phoenix community in the lobby of the Arizona Science Center. This year, the science fair was included as a part of the Arizona Sci Tech Festival, which gave the kids an awesome opportunity to talk to Mayor Greg Stanton and thousands of fellow science enthusiasts!

Whether you’re interested in biology, chemistry, or physics, or maybe you just want to participate in some fun science programs with your kids (like building rockets or telescopes!), Mary and the science center have an excellent lab space, awesome equipment, and an impressive curriculum that changes every year, so you’ll always find something new!


If you want to sign your kids up for classes at the Arizona Science Center, here is the information:

For a list of homeschool science classes for the recommended ages of 6-10 years old, go here.

For a list of homeschool science classes for the recommended ages of 11 and older, go here.

For a list of homeschool science classes at the Usery Mountain Park area of Maricopa, AZ, go here.

Prices for each class are as follows:

Members: $20 for the first child, $10 for the second, $5 for each additional child.
Non-members: $30 for the first child, $15 for the second, $10 for each additional child.

Mary Campbell
Senior Educator Coordinator
602-716-2000 ext. 229

If you homeschool or unschool your child in the Phoenix area, I highly recommend checking out the Arizona Science Center for homeschool science classes. Not only are they really fun and engaging, but they’re also quite impressive. It’s not often you get to work in an actual lab setting with a bunch of other kid scientists. We love it!

Happy Exploring!

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